Chapter One: My Families First Land Rover

It was a bright and sunny summer day and like most boys my age I was spending my time playing outside. This was before the days of the internet when children played outside instead of being glued to a phone or tablet. Like most boys during the 70’s I was obsessed with baseball! My name is Jared. At the time I was about 15 years old at the time of this story. I remember the day very well I was playing catch with a friend in my neighborhood. My parents had left telling me they had a surprise. I begged them to tell me what it was but they told me that I needed to be patient, it was a hard concept to master at that age.

Baseball helped pass the time so that I became distracted and didn’t notice the green Land Rover driving down our lane until it started to pull into my house. at first I was confused as to who would be at our house because I had never seen the car before. I started to walk across the field to my house and who should get out? My parents! I started running over to them, “this must have been the surprise that they had been telling me about,” I thought!

My family had always driven a sedan type of car I only remember it being a reliable but very unattractive car. This Land Rover was the coolest car I had ever seen! It looked right out of an army show ready to take on the biggest obstacles. Ideas were quickly racing through my mind of everywhere it could go that our old care would never have made it.

“Well, what do you think?” my father asked.

“is It really ours?” I asked.

“Of course it is!” He responded. “I don’t think we could have brought it home if we hadn’t paid for it already,” He said with a joyful laugh!

by the time he finished I was already opening the drivers side door and climbing in. everything looked so futuristic to me, very different from our last care. As I sat at the steering wheel, trying to decide which of the buttons on the dash I was going to press first, My father walked up behind me.

“Do you want to go for a ride?” he asked.

“You betcha I do! can I drive?!” I replied.

“maybe Next time,” he said as he smiled and slid into the driver side seat.

I quickly crawled over into the passengers seat and mother waved to us goodbye as we pulled out of the driveway. We lived close to a small mountain range and we started making our way to the foothills of the range. As we got closer the road turned from a paved to dirt and soon we were entering into the woodlands of the mountain range.

We kept driving as the road turned into an old logging road and we were soon in an element that was entirely knew to us I watched my dad as he maneuvered through past the obstacles on the road, dodging potholes and sapling trees that had started to grow up in the tracks of the now abandoned road. At one point we had to stop as he got out and looked at the road to make sure we could continue past. We climbed until there was no more road to follow. The road ended in a clearing that overlooked the valley It was amazing to see and I can still remember that view to this day.

As we sat looking over the valley my father said, “I think we should come camping here this weekend.”

This sentence ushered in a new time for my family, gone were the days of summer picnics, we were a camping family now boldly going into the unknown to find new places to explore and visit.

End of Chapter One

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