Chapter 2

Park rangers have ended up invaluable resources to us on this journey, advising us at the quietest campgrounds, the weather, what hikes could be excellent for our own family and what now not. These cheery, informed people in hats had been nothing however helpful and informative.

In Grand Teton National Park, we joined a park ranger for a guided hike to Phelps Lake. Ranger Sarah pointed out an osprey nest, informed us approximately effect that the Rockefeller own family has had on the area, and advised us to look for black bears up within the trees (and not simply at the ground).

Sarah also introduced us to a brand new game. She had each of us select an animal or plant from her stack of laminated cards. Once we had chosen, she took out a small ball of yarn, and requested every of us to mention a fact approximately the organisms we had chosen.

Ranger Sarah, who had picked a chipmunk, began by explaining that chipmunks like to hide in snowberry bushes and stretched her piece of yarn to my husband, who held an image of stated bush. My husband then exceeded me the yarn, pronouncing that my animal (a grizzly) ate snowberries. Once anybody had long past and became preserving onto the yarn, Sarah requested my six-year-old, Ben, to drag on it. We all commenced to lose our balance. Sarah’s point: If one organism pulls too tough on the web of life, the whole atmosphere starts to teeter.

As we’re into the center of our second week driving across northern Colorado, Wyoming and Montana in a Toyota 4Runner and Thule rooftop field packed to the gills, my husband and I are figuring out that the ecosystem of a vehicle on a long road trip is delicate like nature’s.

Another big thank you to our sponsor Tree Removal Ogden There help on our property with tree care services and removal of dead and unwanted Oak trees has allowed our family to enjoy more of the great outdoors!