Ever since I can remember my family has owned a Land Rover. We fell in love with Land rovers when my father bought our first one in 1974. Up to then we had driven your typical sedan type cars and we were limited to the paved or well kept roads. I can still remember the first weekend we owned it taking it up into the mountains on our first excursion. We started a new tradition that day. Every month since then we planned at least one trip. Whether it was a drive down a long forgotten road, up into the mountains to test our nerves on the steep trails or just a fun family camping trip it was always an adventure.

I want to right down the some of the most memorable adventures that we had over the years. The excitement, the unexpected and sometimes even the more mundane trips that stand out in my memory. These cars brought my family so much happiness over the years. It was always a sad day to retire one of our Rovers. You could almost say that each Land Rover became a part of our family.

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